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Tami Stokoe - Holistic Therapies.

@ The Silver Web Holistic Centre - Chesterfield  



I have worked in childcare and education for over 20 years, specialising in sensory desensitisation programmes, behavioural support and communication difficulties. My journey in holistic therapies started in my early teens, where I turned to crystals for stress, headaches, problematic sleep patterns and environmental allergic reactions.

Reiki became the most natural route to take as healing was the path I was already on. 

I am a Master / Teacher in Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki® I teach different techniques and methods of energy healing. I am a Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing Practitioner. I love to learn and my most recent cpd was to become an Angelic Reiki Practitioner. 

Usui Reiki 

A hands on light – touch technique developed by Dr Mikao Usui based on love to bring well – being to the whole person.


Karuna Reiki 

Again a hands on technique for the relaxation of your whole self. This method of healing, also uses toning and chanting as part of your healing journey. It was developed by William Lee Rand from Usui Reiki, and is based on compassion.


Angelic Reiki 

Is the highest aspect of energy healing. Working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom to bring one of the highest forms of healing for all.


Crystal / Chakra Balancing 

Using the energies of the crystals to work on areas of your physical, emotional, mental bodies. They will help you unwind and relax while tackling some of those health problems and underlying issues.


Heuristic Play 

For babies and toddlers aged 8 months to 4 years.

 (Heuristic – exploring the properties of objects from the natural world)

My play baskets are full of natural products like pebbles, pegs, wooden spoons, chains, material, ribbon, wood, fir cones and much more.

I have used my 20 plus years of experience in childcare and education and my knowledge of Reiki to develop a fun way for babies and young children to access this unique energy. 


Crystal Huggie 

A unique way to experience the healing crystal energies of your choice. Relax in what feels like a warm ‘hug’. Fantastic way to experience crystal energies if you suffer with a back problem.



Workshops & Play / Discovery days – Throughout the year look out for various workshops and discovery days. Tailored for adults, teenagers, children and toddlers. Covering Reiki - Usui & Karuna, Angels, Colour and  Crystals.





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