Heuristic Play


Heuristic Play is an approach devised over 30 years ago by Educational Psychologist Elinor Goldschmied. The word ‘heuristic’ comes from Greek ‘Eureka’ meaning discovery.

Come and allow your child to discover life beyond using plastic toys (which can offer limited sensory experiences and will often have a single or correct way to play with them) and embrace the natural world.



My play baskets are full of natural products like pebbles, pegs, wooden spoons, chains, material, ribbon, wood, fir cones and much more.

Heuristic Play allows your child to use their natural curiosity to play while strengthening their imagination. 



By using trial and error methods and independent decision making your baby or toddler can explore using their senses and decide independently what and how they play. 

I have used my 24 years of experience in childcare and education and my knowledge of Reiki to develop a fun way for babies and young children to access this unique energy.

Reiki is effective in treating pain from teething or colic. It enhances relaxation and sleep, is calming while promoting balance. It treats many other conditions too numerous to list.

Our children need whatever tools we can offer to help them get along in this world. For them to grow emotionally, mentally and physically.

Reiki has shown its value over and over again, it is safe, effective and non- evasive.

Why not give your child the benefits of a Reiki session?

Come and have a cuppa while your child enjoys their discovery journey with a difference.


Heuristic Play with a difference 

  • Prices and packages available:

  • Reiki Heuristic Play - £10 per hour

  • Reiki Heuristic Play with 20 minutes Reiki for the grown up - £15 per hour

Reiki Heuristic Play, book a 10 session block and the grown up gets a session of Reiki worth £25 - £100 for the block booking.



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