Regular workshops held throughout the year 



Crystal Kids classes

Starting up for children aged 5 – 12 years. Each class will involve your child exploring crystals and their benefits through play, art, crafts and more.


Play Class

This workshop is all about exploring the crystals and their uses, the children will learn how to feel the energies of these minerals. Through their limitless creativity they will create mandalas, sense how it makes them feel and absorb it. We will take a look at how we can listen to our bodies and respond to what it is telling us. A game of crystal pairs should get your child’s intuition fired up, teaching them to go with their gut instincts.


Creative Class 

This workshop is all about exploring the crystals and their uses. Through creative means your child will use crystals, colours, glue and much more to create something to bring home. They can choose between a canvas, bookmark, bracelet or window hanging. Power up their self-esteem by creating their very own crystal masterpiece.


Chakra Class

In this workshop we will be taking a look at our energy centres. Exploring the crystals and the corresponding chakras. Through creative means your child will use crystals, colours, music and movement and much more to explore the body’s energy centres. Your child will gain an insight into their own energy system.


Worry Warriors Class

Does your child suffer with anxious thinking or worry themselves ill? Bring your child along and unwind, learn how to calm those nerves and focus the mind. Your child will learn how they can use crystals, visualisations and positive thinking to power up their week ahead. They will learn how to charge up their power crystal and how to use it for future use.


Workshops for Adults


Inspired Art Days


Paint Your Chakras 

What are your chakras? Ever wondered what your chakras look like? How do they feel? How do they impact on our behaviour? Come along and be inspired to create your very own spiritual masterpiece. This is the start of the journey through your chakras each workshop we will work on an individual chakra. Through a meditation link with your creativity guide and find your artful inspiration and create.

During the day you will have plenty of opportunities to explore everything linked to that chakra, colour, food, crystals and sound. It’s a shared lunch, so bring something to share with others. Refreshments will be provided.

Crystals for Health

Interested in a different approach to wellbeing? Come along and explore the wonderous capabilities of crystal energy. Learn the art of pendulum dowsing and all the different ways to use crystals for your health.




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