Henshin / Colour Reiki


What is it?

‘Henshin’ means transformation. To enable transformation to take place, changes have to be made. Colour Reiki can balance us on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Chakras are energy centres within our own built in energy system, if these are out of balance, so are we. We can become ill physically, emotionally unable to cope in some situations, mentally if our chakras are out of sync we may find it difficult to concentrate, unable to focus on the situation to hand.

We can use colour in many different ways to help heal our bodies holistically. Having a Colour Reiki session, using crystals to balance our chakras, looking at our diet and eating more colourful foods. Using colour in our life, the options are quite endless! I personally enjoy giving Colour Reiki using coloured silk scarves, crystals, colourful visualisations and colour breathing. Everyone experiences Colour Reiki in a unique way that is personal for their spiritual growth.






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